Artificial Intelligence Roadshow: Innovative Products Initiates Future Medical Care

2018-11-14 11:06

On September 20, a fantastic parallel session- Artificial Intelligence Roadshow of 2018 CBIIC was successfully held. Eight marvelous innovative AI projects were presented in this event.

Mr. JI Pengsong, Chairman of Ankon Technologies (Wuhan) Co., Ltd., was invited to make opening speech. Just one day before the 2018 CBIIC, on the Award Ceremony of the “Dushu Lake Prize” Selection of China Pharmaceutical Innovation Brand, Ankon’s Magnetic Controlled Capsule Endoscopy Systems won the “Innovative Medical Devices with Most Clinical Value” Prize. On behalf of the company, Mr. JI Pengsong accepted the prize. 


Prof. CHEN Jianfeng, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering presented prize to JI Pengsong, Chairman of Ankon Technologies (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.


Mr. JI Pengsong made an in-depth interpretation about how Artificial Intelligence would be applied to medical innovation, and showed the precision, comfort and convenience of Ankon Intelligence Medical Care. The magnetic controlled capsule endoscopy system developed by Ankon was applied in nearly thousand domestic hospitals and to screen gastric cancer in 6 developed countries.


Opening speech delivered by Mr. JI Pengsong


The following 8 high quality innovative AI projects drew great attention from the investors. The highlights of the AI roadshow session are shown as follows:


Plenary Meeting of the Artificial Intelligence Roadshow


1. Combining computational design and traditional hybridoma and phage display technology, Ab Studio invented three novel technology platforms to develop novel therapeutic antibodies with critical new features.

2. Based on the large user group and multidimensional user data of the Medlive platform, the Kingyee (Beijing) Co., Ltd. use cutting-edge AI technologies and data mining methods to stratify users, predict prescription behavior, and analyze core information in order to accurately match the target users. In the light of the differences in core cognition among doctors with different prescription behaviors, the team of Medlive will not only produce different contents with strong characteristics, but also diversification in styles and mediums for the purpose of improving the existing and potential prescription concepts of the target users.

3.Scilligence is a leading innovator of cross-platform, mobile cheminformatics and bioinformatics solutions.  Its informatics tools have been widely adopted by pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical industries, universities, research institutes, and government agencies. Scilligence's proprietary technologies address three main areas of R&D informatics needs: knowledge management and collaboration; project, workflow and material management; and knowledge mining of unstructured data.

4. Accumulating 15 years’ experience in the CRO industry, H&J CRO International, Inc. built BE/I period ward and large medical data platform and the CRO service intelligent system with self-intellectual property rights to create the individual and enterprise in the clinical and medical field. The three major medical data service platforms of industry and government are expected to further implement intelligent large data application projects.

5. InnoCare developed GeneApps, a cloud-based platform for efficient sharing and computing big sequenced data combining medical diagnosis system, the expert of the company applies the most advanced data processing methods to translate complex information from high-throughput gene sequencing data into precision diagnosis which leading to better treatment and health management options. 

6. LinkingMed has maintained strategic cooperation with top scientific research and medical institutions both at home and abroad, including NIH and Harvard University and so on. Up to now, LinkingMed has applied for more than 10 national and province Natural Science Foundation projects. In 2016, LinkingMed with six top cancer treatment units participated in the Ministry of Science and Technology's major project “Multimodal Imaging-based Technology in Tumor Dose Engraving Precision Radiotherapy Clinical Application” research project.

7. Gauss Infomed Company focused on the R&D of the first speciality of opthalmology such as EMR, PACS, RC, EDC, MCterminology set with SNOMED-CT model, multi-lingual etc.

8. The artificial intelligence system for pharmaceutical formulations from University of Macao combines pharmaceutical experimental tools, molecular modeling and artificial intelligence together to in predict and screen pharmaceutical formulations, which significantly reduce the R&D time and cost. After 6-7 years of R&D, the project has initially established a relatively system.


Roadshow Speakers

First Row: LIU Yue, CEO of Ab Studio Inc.(Left), YANG Liancheng, Marketing Director of Kingyee (Beijing) Co., Ltd.(Right)

Second Row: YUAN Yongwen, President of Scilligence (Left), CHEN Jie, Vice President of H&J CRO International, Inc. (Right)

Third row: PAN Feng, CEO of Shanghai Oceancloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Left), LI Xiaodong, COO of Beijing Linkingmed Limited (Right)

Fourth row: LIU Bin, Deputy General Manager of Gauss Infomed Company (Left), OUYANG Defang, Professor of University of Macao (Right)


Participants communicated with roadshow speakers


After the AI Roadshow session, participants communicated with the roadshow speakers directly and discussed on medical innovation achievement transformation.